Tigers manager Jim Leyland isn't ruling it out.
Victor Martinez will enter the season as the club's everyday designated hitter, but when interleague play rolls around, there's a "strong possibility" he could start at catcher.

That's all Leyland is willing to consider right now.

"Eventually, at some point, if he's real healthy, he could catch a game in interleague play," Leyland said. "But that's down the road."

It's unclear how much playing time, if any, Martinez will actually see at catcher this season, but if the 34-year-old were to catch, Leyland said it would likely occur during interleague play when the Tigers are set to face a left-handed starting pitcher.

"If we felt like there was some real nasty, nasty left-hander and Victor was healthy enough and you felt like you weren't risking anything, he might do it," he said. "And, he'll want to do it, I know that."

Martinez hasn't caught a game this spring, and he hasn't made a start behind the plate since 2011 when he appeared in 26 games, but he has prepared for the position this spring in the event he's needed down the road.