Alex Avila did not finish the game. He will not play in the next one either. Beyond that, well, stay tuned.

Avila left the game in the eighth inning of his team's 6-2 victory over the Boston Red Sox on Friday night after being hit in the helmet with the follow-through of a swing by Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz.

Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said after the game that Avila was removed from the game with a "mild concussion."

"Right now, we're not really sure on the status," Ausmus said. "They're calling it a mild concussion, mild to the extent that they think he'll be fine tomorrow. That being said, he won't play tomorrow, regardless. But they do think he's going to be fine tomorrow."

Ortiz swung and fouled off a 2-1 slider from relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain and then hit Avila on the right side of his helmet with his bat. Avila appeared to be stunned momentarily as he sat back onto the dirt behind home plate. Ausmus and head athletic trainer Kevin Rand headed to the plate where Rand asked Avila some questions.

"He didn't get one right," Ausmus said. "I didn't like that."

That was the reason Ausmus removed him from the game.