It's the day after a Red Wing loss, which is always a tough day. However, this one seems more painful than past losses. Perhaps it's because they blew an early 2-0 lead against a rookie making his first career start. Maybe it's the fact that they had 6 shots in the final 40+ minutes of the game. Part of it is definitely the special teams and their continued inability to sustain any momentum the Wings may have.

A Wing loss always makes people angry, but this year there's been a much different tone to the fan reaction. A few years ago a loss was greeted with the thought that it was a bad game and those happen, but you can't win them all. Then that morphed into a feeling that the team was not the consistent, intense group we were used to seeing, but they were still pretty fantastic and should win more than they lose.

This year, we were prepped by the Wings' management that this could be a tough year. Ken Holland came out and said that he thought it might be possible that they missed the playoffs this year. For a team that has been to the playoffs long enough to legally drink champagne from the Stanley Cup, that's a tough thing to hear.

Most people recognize that this is a team in transition, but after losses like last night I can't help but wonder where this team is going and what their end-game is for this season.