The Detroit Pistons stood pat at the National Basketball Association trade deadline today, leaving them with four players who will be free agents after the season, earning almost $30 million in expiring contracts.

The Pistons already made their blockbuster trade well before Thursday's deadline, a Jan. 30 trade in which they acquired Jose calderon for Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye.

Because of that previous trade, it was no surprise that the Pistons didn't make a move before the deadline.

Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars repeatedly has said he didn't care to make a trade that negatively affects the team's hard-earned financial flexibility when trades re-open and the free-agency period begins this summer.

Sources said the Pistons were not close to making another trade.

They will go into the offseason with four players who will become free agents, including Calderon and Corey Maggette, both of whom earn more than $10 million.

Maggette is not playing in the Pistons' rotation and the team is not interested in re-signing him. Calderon became the team's starting point guard from the moment he was acquired and Dumars has said the team is interested in retaining him.

The Pistons also have free agents-to-be Jason Maxiell ($5 million) and Will Bynum ($3.25 million). By not trading them, the Pistons risk losing both without compensation this summer, though keeping them suggests the team might be interested in re-signing one or both.