The Detroit Lions offensive line is in the midst of a major overhaul this offseason. The team is set to run out at least three new starters after nearly three seasons of continuity with the unit.

Despite the impending changes, quarterback Matthew Stafford is confident the group won't experience a decline in production.

"I don't expect a big change," Stafford said. "I don't expect any kind of a drop-off. I think we're extremely talented up front."

Pro Football Focus ranked Detroit's offensive line seventh in the NFL last season, primarily based on the unit's ability to protect Stafford. The weak link, according to the publication, was guard Stephen Peterson, who allowed a league-worst 45 quarterback disruptions at his position.

Peterman was released shortly after the season and general manager Martin Mayhew expressed disappoint with the amount of pressure the Lions allowed up the middle.

Improving in that area will be a focus for the Lions this offseason, according to Stafford.

"Any time you play quarterback, your dream is a perfect pocket every time," Stafford said. "But let's be honest, in the NFL, the defensive guys get paid to rush the passer.

"That's something we'll focus on, like we do every year, is improving the pocket and me moving in the correct ways -- left, right, up, back, whatever it is -- to avoid pressure. That's something we're constantly working on and something we'll have an emphasis on this spring."