Justin Verlander and the Tigers each extended their winning streaks to 11, thanks in large part to a magnificent at-bat by Victor Martinez.

With one out in the sixth Tuesday night, White Sox starter Gavin Floyd intentionally walked Miguel Cabrera with first base open. Up came Martinez. He fell behind 0-2, fouled off a trio of 2-2 pitches, took ball three, then lofted the next pitch far over the rightfield fence for a three-run homer.

"It looked like he just wasn't going to be denied," manager Jim Leyland said. "But he knew how to slow it down without being foolish. He fouled a couple of nasty pitches, and when he got one with two strikes to hit, he hit it. Some guys get anxious and pop that pitch up."

It was the 11th homer of Martinez's marvelous first Tigers season. It increased Verlander's lead from one to four runs and sent the Tigers on their way to a 5-0 win.

Martinez recalled how he began to develop the calmness at the plate he showed on Tuesday night's big at-bat.