Rangers backup goalie Martin Biron is never one to shy away from a conversation, but it’s not too often he has to do it in two languages.

Before Saturday night’s 3-0 loss to the Canadiens at the Bell Center, Biron prepared for his fourth start of the season by speaking French and English to cameras and reporters that flocked to him like bees on honey.

“It is a special thing for any player coming into Montreal,” said Biron, who is from Lac St. Charles, Quebec, about three hours up the St. Lawrence River outside of Quebec City.

“It’s fun when you’re here. The energy is really high. As a player, you try not to get sucked into the energy so you’re out of position and maybe take a penalty. As a goalie, sometimes the energy is great.”

That’s only for some goalies, which does not include starter Henrik Lundqvist. The reigning Vezina Trophy winner has not performed well throughout his career at the Bell Center, having played 666 minutes with a record of 4-5-2, a 3.87 goals-against average and a .876 save percentage. Saturday night, Biron had 18 saves in 21 shots for just a .833 save percentage.