With all the press the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten recently, you'd think they were destined for the Finals.

The Lakers drive to the playoffs are the talk of SportsCenter. The comeback against the Hornets dominated the internets and even garnered a late night talk show interview for the one and only Kobe Bryant.

"It's about time we started playing defense," Kobe Bryant said of the "season changing" comeback over the almost-worst-in-West Hornets on Wednesday night. The Lakers rallied from a 17-point fourth quarter deficit to win.

OMG! Really? Only a playoff-caliber team could do that!

Except that the Suns rallied from a 19-point deficit to beat the Hornets earlier this season. Let's not forget the Hornets are terrible this year.

Well, maybe the playoff-caliber statement is beating playoff-bound Atlanta at home last Sunday? The Lakers led most of the game and closed out a 1-point win at home.