As the Yankees scour the schoolyard to find a fill-in for Curtis Granderson, Johnny Damon is off to the side offering his version of “Pick me!”

Granderson is expected to be sidelined for 10 weeks, until early May, after suffering a fractured right forearm when he was hit by a pitch Sunday. The Yankees are expected to look in-house for a fill-in left fielder, but the 39-year-old Damon remains a free agent pleading his case — emphasis on pleading.

“I would play for the minimum [$490,000 per year, prorated over 180 days] for six weeks,” Damon told The Post last night. “If Granderson returns, I would leave. If there’s no room for me, I’m gone.”

Damon, who won a World Series with the Yankees in 2009, is not expecting the Yankees to reach out following a three-year cold shoulder.

“I don’t think [they] will,” he said. “They’ve had plenty of opportunities since 2009, and it hasn’t happened. But if they call, I’m ready to go.”

GM Brian Cashman doesn’t plan on making that call.

“We are focusing on what we have in camp right now,” he said.