Mere hours after claiming that a new contract would be “something deserving,” DeSean Jackson is backtracking faster than a New Orleans cornerback.

See, Jackson just concluded the second year of a five-year, $48.5 million deal, but after posting career-highs in catches (82), yards (1,332) and TDs (9), the Eagles wideout felt he deserved a new contract … on Monday.

To be exact, Jackson said: "I definitely feel it's something deserving. We'll see how that plays out. Hopefully we can work things out smoothly and not have to worry about anything out of the ordinary."

But here we are on Tuesday, a day after Jackson's quotes could be rung through the media washer, and Jackson denies any reports that he asked for a new contract. In fact, all he was doing was answering a question. So to be clear, he probably still feels like he deserves a new contract, but he also probably realizes he shouldn't have vocalized it so publicly.