Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose are rarely likened to one another but, as two of the brightest young superstars in the NBA, they should begin to draw favorable comparisons.

Both were selected first overall in their respective drafts, elected to All-Star games during their sophomore seasons and brought in to heal bleeding franchises.

Each also appears to have an promising future ahead them.

But whose prospects are greater: that of Irving or Rose?

Upon entering the league, the notion of the rookie Irving surpassing Rose's success would have been scoff-worthy . Rose was fresh off a 2010-11 campaign in which he averaged 25.1 points, 7.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game en route to an MVP award. How could a player capable of being deemed more important than LeBron James (at that time) be outdone?

Since then, things have changed drastically.