The whispers are getting louder.
Since last October many have declared Derek Jeter’s career effectively over. The thinking went like this: there’s no way a 39-year-old shortstop could make it back from a broken ankle to play again at a high level. Not even Jeter.

Those people are probably feeling pretty good about their predictions right about now.

Jeter has come back three times this season only to see his legs fail him in each instance. First it was the quad then the calf. Now it’s the same ankle that kept him couch- and scooter-bound all winter confining him to the trainer’s room Monday out of the lineup for a second straight day.

The idea of Jeter coming back this season and becoming a force at the top of the lineup was far-fetched. Following an offseason during which he couldn’t do anything more than physical therapy his legs simply weren’t ready for the grind of the baseball season.
Next year? That’s a different story.

Given his track record for proving people wrong — he was supposedly on his last legs after hitting .270 in 2010 but he bounced back with a .297 average in 2011 and hit .316 last year leading the league with 216 hits in the process — it’s impossible for me to believe that Jeter would allow this disappointing season to be his final chapter.

Mariano Rivera had decided to make 2012 the final season of his legendary career until he blew out his knee last May prompting him to come back in 2013. We knew Jeter wasn’t going to pack it in after suffering the broken ankle last October so what makes anybody think he’ll want these 75 or 100 plate appearances to be his curtain call?