Derek Jeter reported to Yankees camp this morning, completed his physical and conducted a 17-minute session with a massive group of reporters.

Jeter discussed in length the fallout from his broken ankle in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. He learned after the injury he was playing on a stress fracture, having spend about a month playing with a bone bruise.

A few other notable notes:

1. He has yet to run on flat ground. He did some running on a treadmill last week. He expects his running program to begin shortly.
2. He won’t play in Grapefruit League games the first few weeks.
3. But he expects to be ready for Opening Day.
4. He has a plate and screws in his ankle. He does not expect them to be removed.
5. He said his offseason was “terrible.” He spent five to six weeks marooned on his couch. He needed a motorized scooter to get around.

Here’s a partial transcript of his remarks. We’ll have a full transcript up shortly.

Have you done any running on flat ground?

“Nope. I took the last few days off. I would assume tomorrow. But that’s just making an assumption. I still haven’t spoken to the trainers. But the last few days, I didn’t do anything. I pretty much do that every year before spring training starts. So I’ve only been on a treadmill to this point. But I would have to assume it would be tomorrow, or the next couple days.”