Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson is facing a civil lawsuit from two local women after being accused in connection with an assault on them at his home.
But according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, the case was investigated prior to the suit being filed, and no criminal charges were filed.
Richardson told deputies that the women who came to his Columbia Station home in the early hours of December 10 were not invited.
In a statement given to deputies, Richard said he asked the women to leave saying they were making “too much noise and my brother didn’t invite her to my house.”
The women, Krystal Jones and Kathleen Hunter, have filed a lawsuit against Richardson saying they were assaulted by another woman at his house and that Richardson caused damage to their vehicle.
Richardson told deputies he put his hands on the women’s’ vehicle, but said it was in self-defense.
“I put my hand down to try to stop them from hitting me and the truck,” Richardson told deputies.
No criminal charges were filed.
“We attempted several times to have (the women) come on station to fill out witness statements because the original witness statements we couldn’t read,” said Capt. Jim Drozdowski, of Lorain County Sheriff’s Office. “We needed to talk to them to find out what all took place. They made no effort to contact us, and we worked on this for a week.”
Elyria City Chief Prosecutor Matthew Mishak recommended no charges be filed because of conflicting statements and lack of additional evidence.