Any conversation about the Nuggets in the fourth quarter this season was met with rolled eyes and sighs as they explained what, this time, went wrong.

Not Monday night.

The Nuggets found the fourth-quarter formula and rode it to their second victory of the season, and their first road win, 100-81 over the still-winless Utah Jazz.

The postgame locker room was a jovial place. J.J. Hickson's monster dunk was already on repeat on Ty Lawson's iPhone. Andre Miller was crowded by media who wanted his view of why he was so successful in the final period, scoring nine of his 15 points then.

The Nuggets, who had found it difficult to score much more than 16 points in most fourth quarters this season, poured in 30 on Monday. They combined potent offense with stifling defense to outscore the Jazz 30-13 in the final 12 minutes.

"We actually set a goal before the game to try to hold this team under 80 points," coach Brian Shaw said. "In spite of our first quarter ... we kind of settled down and locked up the second, third and fourth quarter. Especially the fourth quarter. Happy with the way the defense progressed as the game went on."

On the other side of the locker room was Randy Foye, another player loved in these parts for the role he played with the Jazz last season. He talked about being back and walking out with a "W."

Foye was part of a second half in which the Nuggets found offensive actions that worked and stuck with them.

"That's usually what happens," Foye said. "You run something until a team stops it. We always say if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

The Nuggets improved to 2-4 and scored at least 100 for the third consecutive game.