As Wes Welker was introduced as the Broncos' new star, he stood dwarfed next to John Elway, his two hands stuffed in his front pants pockets.
Dressed casually in a lavender-checkered shirt, dark slacks, with sporty sideburns and short hair parted from left to right, the 5-foot-9, 185-pound Welker more resembled the computer nerd next door than a football player.
Maybe a handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed computer nerd. But not a guy who catches passes over the middle and just beyond the line of scrimmage, where 250-pound linebackers snort and muscular safeties roam.
"When you get out there on that game field, you kind of flip a switch and be ready to go," Welker said.
There is a rhythm to Welker on the field and a cadence to his off-field delivery. He was asked 19 questions during his introductory news conference Thursday at Dove Valley team headquarters and he answered them all in short sound bites.
Did he feel like the Patriots undervalued him?
"I think that's all relative," Welker said. "I'm a Denver Bronco now and I'm excited about it. I'm really not looking in the past, just looking forward."
It's OK to loosen up, Wes. Bill Belichick isn't your boss anymore, although he probably will continue to read your newspaper clips.

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