Luol Deng has led the league in minutes per game the last two seasons and played in 75 of the Bulls' 82 regular season games last year so when he was seen wobbling down a United Center hallway with his head down looking weaker than ever before Game 6 of the Bulls' first round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets something was clearly wrong. Bulls Insider Aggrey Sam was first to report that what was first described as "flu-like symptoms" by head coach Tom Thibodeau prior to the Bulls' loss to the Nets was in actuality a spinal tap a procedure "which drew fluid from his back and brain to ensure that he didn't have viral meningitis" that caused Deng to be sent home from the United Center.

One day later Deng was back in a Chicago-area hospital emergency room after suffering from side effects of the procedure. He wound up missing Game 7 -- before that game he took to Twitter to explain the reality of his situation noting that his side effects included "the worst headache I've ever experienced and the weakest I've ever felt" -- and the entire series against the eventual-champion Miami Heat.