The longest hitting streak since 2011 has been extended yet again. Nationals center fielder Denard Span collected a single to lead off the seventh inning -- his fourth at-bat of the game -- to extend his streak to 29 games.

The previous long for this season was 27 games which was accomplished by Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies. Span's streak is the longest since Dan Uggla's 33-game hitting streak in 2011.

During his streak Span is hitting .374/.403/.496 with 46 hits in the 29 games. Prior to the streak Span was hitting .258/.310/.353 with 117 hits in 114 games.

The modern-day record hitting streak is 56 games achieved by Joe DiMaggio in xxxx. The NL record is 44 (Pete Rose 1978).

Span heads into Thursday looking for a knock against