Adrian Wojnarowski @WojYahooNBA

In Boston's search for stopgap at point guard, Shelvin Mack's a possibility, among others, sources say. Delonte West isn't a consideration.

This doesn't exactly qualify as a Woj Twitter bomb, but it kills me that Ainge isn't consider DWest. Delonte was my candidate to replace Rondo and Barbosa in the back court, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Mack is fine as a "stopgap" on a ten-day, but he's just that: a stopgap. With these two roster spots (maybe three if Barbosa gets waived), I'd like to see the Celtics either a) find someone that's actually going to contribute now and in the playoffs or b) find a Greg Stiemsma type that might actually develop into somebody that could make this roster next summer. For example, we all fell in love with Kris Joseph in summer league. Even though he was traded to the Springfield Armor on Sunday, wouldn't he be a better call up than Mack at this point?