Ray Horton's explanation of the system he'll run as the Browns' defensive coordinator sounded different Tuesday during his introductory news conference than it did last week in his interview with an Arizona radio station.

On Thursday, Horton told XTRA Sports 910-AM he'll use a 3-4 defense in Cleveland that will mirror the scheme of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Tuesday, Horton backtracked from those comments, blamed semantics and resisted labeling the Browns' new scheme altogether.

The change-up seems fitting for discussions about a defense Horton promises will give offenses headaches by featuring different alignments.

"We are going to be a defense that gives offenses problems," Horton said. "Our guys can play a multitude of things. I don't like to get pigeonholed into, 'Well, he is this.' We're going to be a team that looks at the offense and tries to take away what they do best. That may mean one snap being 5-2, the next snap it may be 4-4. It will be predicated by what the offense does. We have athletes that can stand up, that can put their hand in the ground, that can run."