No one expects Reggie Bush to come to Detroit and rush for 1000 yards. He had only 21 yards on 17 preseason carries. Of course it didn't help the running game that Calvin Johnson and his bruised knee were rested for all but part of one quarter of one game in the preseason. While he may help boost a virtually non-existent running game his presence in the passing game will be interesting to watch unfold. The Lions led the league last year in explosive pass plays with Johnson posting an NFL-record 1964 yards receiving.

"When a ball goes up over the top [of the defense] it's kind of everything [that breaks down]" Williams said. "It's rush it's coverage it's making sure you're executing the defense. We can't allow the quarterback to feel comfortable. We have to be on coverage there and we have to play top to bottom not bottom to top in terms of the coverage [against Johnson]."

Enter Bush a quick underneath player who leads all NFL running backs in catches (372) since 2006.
"It's very difficult because you have another dimension there now" Williams said. "Not only can Calvin Johnson beat you [deep] you have Reggie Bush who can beat you underneath.

"But that's the problem. You have to pick your poison. You can't defend everything. If you try to defend everything you're not going to defend anything. That's what we have to be cognizant of. We have to play the coverage and try to tackle well. And when they check the ball down in the zone coverage that we run and tackle. Fundamentals are going to be important this week. That we run to the ball well that we tackle well. And gang tackle. They're good enough that they can beat you in man-to-man or one-on-one."