I had a thought yesterday about the San Diego Chargers and their changing image. Long gone is the gruff former-genius General Manager, and his handpicked repeated-failure-of-a-Head-Coach went out the door right behind him. The new face is young, unproven and confident.

Mike McCoy, former Offensive Coordinator of the Denver Broncos, is now the Head Coach. It's his first go-around as Head Coach. He hired Ken Whisenhunt, recently fired from being the Arizona Cardinals' Head Coach, as the team's Offensive Coordinator. He has only been an Offensive Coordinator in title for 3 of his 16 seasons as an NFL coach. Those things only happened because Team President Dean Spanos hired Tom Telesco, who has never been a GM before, to be his General Manager. The air is filled with hope, but the rustling through the trees sounds vaguely like someone whispering "There's no proof that this will work."