Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther might be ready to make changes to his lineup, but it doesn't appear that coach Marvin Lewis feels the same way.

If he does, he's not ready to reveal that to the public yet.

Guenther said last week that he expected to give some of the younger defenders more playing time after his defense gave up more than 500 yards to the Washington Redskins prior to the bye.

"We have a lot of guys here who have been fixtures in our system for a long time," Guenther said. "But it's like I told them, it's a production business. Even though you've been that kind of guy that's been around here, if I think there is a younger player or somebody else that can do it better at this point, whether it be for 15 snaps, I have to look at that."

But Lewis appeared to squash the notion of younger players replacing veterans in his weekly television show on Wednesday.

"I don't," Lewis told Bengals radio announcer Dan Hoard when asked if he anticipated younger players getting more snaps. "Paul shouldn't have ... you have to be careful doing that. We're going to keep working and guys will earn opportunities as we go. But you've got to earn opportunities. We're not going to just make a wholesale change and so forth.

"Our good players are expected to play good and I think that's part of it. They have to play up to a certain level all the time. We have guys doing that on offense, but we have to get the same throughout the football team in every area. And we have to continue to coach better -- that's part of the responsibility as well."