The woman suing Knicks point guard Derrick Rose and two pals over an alleged gang rape wept softly as her lawyer graphically described her ordeal during opening statements Wednesday.

“While [she] was going in and out of consciousness in her house, each one of the defendants took turns raping her,” lawyer Waukeen McCoy told jurors in Los Angeles federal court.

Rose’s lawyer vehemently denied the accusations during his opening statement, calling the suit baseless and a “sad effort” by the plaintiff to get money from the NBA’s former MVP.

“This lawsuit is fake,” attorney Mark Baute said.

“The evidence will show it’s a sad effort to get a lottery hit — nothing more, nothing less.”

The plaintiff’s lawyer, however, accused Rose of lying during a pretrial deposition when he testified that the woman grabbed a pink vibrator during sex, and that he tried to open the shades to let in some light.

“There is no light outside at 3 a.m. in the morning. He made up the story,” McCoy said.

“He wants to tell you that she was lucid, when she was not.”