When former Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan pulled the plug on Robert Griffin III with three games left to play, one of the reported reasons for the benching was an attempt to maintain credibility in the locker room.

Was Griffin playing so poorly that teammates no longer believed in him?

Not so, according to cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

"A lot of guys in that locker room kind of raised the question, like, 'Why are we doing this?'" Hall said Tuesday evening on Fox Sports 1's "Fox Football Daily," via the Washington Post. "Kind of like what you heard Kyle [Shanahan] say: 'I want my starting quarterback out there.' A lot of the players in the locker room, those were their sentiments."

Football legend John Madden wasn't alone in questioning the integrity of Shanahan's bizarre decision. Hall made it clear that the idea of "protecting" RGIII for the offseason was a peculiar notion.