Nando De Colo’s playing time has disappeared in the postseason, and he’s not happy about it.

The rookie point guard unloaded to French newspaper La Voix Du Nord, saying he does not understand why he has played in only three playoff games after averaging 12.8 minutes during the regular season.

His comments, via Google translation:

“It really is not easy especially since the months before the play-off, I played 10-15 minutes behind Tony (Parker). Then I found myself more on the bench than on the (court). I played the first round against the Lakers, but in the end rotation when the game was won. Already, it was not easy. And the Golden State series, you’re in a suit, that’s (disappointing).

“I came here to play. I prepared all year to be ready for the play-off. Finally, I do not play. The worst is that it is one of the assistants that (tell you) you’re in a suit as if it was normal. The morning of the game, I was leaving after the shooting and said “Nando, tonight you’re in a suit.” You say (nothing). You do not know (what happened).

“You’re in a new series. You wonder why you (sit), and not another. It is not obvious at all. At first you think it is a game or two. Assistants tell you that things can change and, in fact, nothing changes. There is not much to say. There is little collective training, you can not regain your place. I try to keep the morale and I continue to work on my side.

“I go to the weight room, I do my individual sessions in the gym, cardio. I’m just waiting to be told, you’re back in the lineup. But in my opinion, it does not depend on an injury. It will surely last until the end (of the season).”

Well, then.

De Colo’s frustration is understandable, especially after coach Gregg Popovich publicly declared him as the unequivocal backup point guard near the end of the season.