Now that their three-game sweep of the Padres is finished, with Barry Zito pitching seven more inspired innings and Buster Posey hitting his first home run of the year in Sunday's 5-0 win, the Giants are ready for the Grit Bowl.
On Monday night, they open a three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, who spent the winter trying to become "grittier" by populating their team with more "grinders," like manager Kirk Gibson was when he played.
Arizona's leadership all but admitted it wanted to be more like the Giants, who gritted and grinded their way to two World Series championships in three seasons.
The D'backs traded Justin Upton, arguably their best player, for Martin Prado, who supposedly fits the Gibson mold. They signed Cody Ross for the same reason and dumped a problem-child pitcher (Trevor Bauer) because he was not a Gibby type of guy, potential be damned.
Forward thinkers, especially in the metrics community, are having a great laugh about all this, arguing that the Diamondbacks would be better off with the nine home runs that Upton has hit for Atlanta rather than Prado's gamer spirit.
They might have a point, because talent is talent, even if there is something to be said for that old fighting spirit.
"When I think of someone who grinds, being gritty, those are the type of guys you don't like seeing. You don't like them coming to the plate," Posey said. "They're going to fight you with everything they've got. They're going to make adjustments, and this is a game of adjustments."