All right. No more Chris Davis pitching stories. At last Saturday's FanFest, Davis had to watch more videos of him pitching in Boston, and seemingly every fan who talked to him wanted to know about it.

It's back to work time for Davis. Has it been just over three months since the end of the season?

"It really doesn't. It's just flown by. When you go to the postseason, obviously the season's longer, but it's something you take into the off-season," Davis said.

"I didn't watch the ALCS because I was upset how things ended. We could have gone farther, but after the Yankees got swept, it was tough. We did a lot of positive things last year. This off-season was really fun."

"It was a bunch of guys coming together in a collective effort. We had a different hero every night," Davis said.

This year, Davis is hoping to be the regular first baseman.

"Last year, I was disappointed in the way things worked out at first," Davis said.

Davis thinks that re-signing Nate McLouth was important, and that the fans who criticize the Orioles supposed inaction are shortsighted.

"We have pretty much the same group of guys we had last year and we were able to be successful," Davis said.