David Wright will head into another Mets offseason in a few days wondering just like the team’s fans what changes will be made for 2014 and beyond.

When he signed his eight-year $138 million contract extension last offseason Wright claimed he was assured by the Wilpon ownership and GM Sandy Alderson that the Mets would reinvest in the on-field product this winter to correct what the All-Star third baseman on Thursday called “a few glaring weaknesses” and enhance the painful rebuilding program of the past few losing seasons.

When asked before Thursday’s 4-2 loss to Milwaukee at Citi Field if he still expects that to be the case he said: “I do. I believe 100%. With the money coming off the books with some of the younger minor league pieces that we have I guess trade chips per se I’m obviously expecting this team to be a lot better next year than we’ve been in previous years. And that’s just not with free agents or trades. It’s also the burden falls on us to be better as well. You can’t go out and expect to sign every free agent expect to make every big trade.

“Some of these holes need to be filled from within and that’s up to us to go out there and get better because there’s only so many free agents to be had there’s only so many trades to be made. At least (in) my personal opinion the reason for sustained success is building from within and I think we’ve done a nice job doing that as far as pitching wise.”

As Wright alluded to the contracts of Johan Santana ($25 million) Jason Bay ($18 million) and Frank Francisco ($6 million) are among those coming off the books from the Mets’ $94 million 2013 payroll. Wright added that he gladly will serve as a recruiter/pitch man for the organization this winter if asked.