For the second straight year David Wilson got off to a nightmarish start in the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys by fumbling and landing in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse.

But this time Wilson lost two fumbles one of which resulted in a 27-yard touchdown return for the Cowboys. Benched for the final 27:31 of the game Wilson watched the Giants fall 36-31 from the sideline completely removed from the game.

"That's a tough position to be in” said Wilson who carried the ball seven times for just 19 yards. “God never gives you more than you can handle. Everything happens for a reason. I'm just gonna keep working hard. I'm at the bottom now. So nowhere to go but up from here. That's really all I got."

Coughlin was beside himself with his team’s six turnovers. But Wilson's fumbles seemed to baffle him.

“They just stripped them” an upset Coughlin said afterward. “All we talked about all week long was they were coming to strip the ball. We can be better. He can get better at that. He can run with two hands on the ball just like anybody else.

“Not going to play unless they can hang onto the ball. It’s demoralizing to the whole team. He is a talented young man. We will get him right even if he has to run around the field with two balls. We need him!”

When asked if Wilson is still his starting running back Coughlin said he would not answer that now.

“Give us a little time to work on this thing” Coughlin said. “He’s still very much in our thoughts. He’s got to play. He’s a very talented young man. But you just can’t do that. Every time they touch you you’re going to turn the ball over? The plays looked like they were over to me [before the strips].”

The Giants must get Wilson to correct this issue and regain his confidence. Veteran backup Andre Brown is out for at least the first eight weeks while on the temporary injured reserve with a fractured leg. And the Giants only have Da’Rel Scott and rookie Michael Cox behind Wilson.

Scott spelled Wilson and rushed for 23 yards on five carries while also catching five passes for 51 yards. However Scott who had very little practice time with Eli Manning in training camp as the third-string running back watched a Manning pass glance off his hands and into Brandon Carr’s for a 49-yard pick-six. That ended the Giants’ chances of a comeback with 1:50 remaining.