No one spends other people’s money quite like a sports fan (or journalist, to be fair).

The Red Sox need a stopgap catcher until one of the pups arrives? Sign Brian McCann for six years and whatever it takes! Starting pitching looks a little thin? Masahiro Tanaka can be yours, sight unseen, for the low, low price of $150 million! And hey, what the hell is the deal with this offseason anyway? Why ahhn’t the Sawx spendin’?!?

If you’re looking to slam on the fiscal brakes, however, mention one topic — paying David Ortiz.

There are plenty of things that don’t make sense about the local sports scene, but the vitriol that meets every mention of an Ortiz extension might top the list.

The same people who have no problem with the Red Sox blowing untold millions on the likes of Carl Crawford or Josh Beckett or Daisuke Matsuzaka suddenly become hawkish comptrollers at the mere concept of paying Ortiz.

Ortiz brings some of this on himself with his annual passive-aggressive declarations that “maybe I’ll just have to play somewhere else if they don’t want me.” And the fact that he has basically been playing year to year since the Red Sox picked up his 2011 option means he’s had reason to mention it virtually every winter for the past five years.

But a few reminders apparently are in order:

•   David Ortiz is the greatest designated hitter in history.

•   David Ortiz is the most feared hitter in the Red Sox lineup.

• David Ortiz is three months removed from one of the most dominant World Series performances ever, for which he was named Most Valuable Player.

•  David Ortiz, at least relative to the rest of baseball, has been wildly underpaid for his entire Red Sox career.

•  David Ortiz, even at age 38, has shown few signs of slowing down.

Let’s take these in order, starting with his place in the DH pantheon. With many teams shifting away from the full-time DH model in favor of more of a timeshare, the position has seen its impact decrease across the game, and that’s only going to continue with more interleague play.