Let the rest of the world debate the fate of Bobby Valentine, and guess at who the next Boston Red Sox manager might be. David Ortiz prefers to stay out of that one.

"To me, personally, I don't care who my manager is," Ortiz said Monday. "I'm old enough to know what I've got to do, what my routine is, what my problems are, what are my goals. I might be the best piece of cake a manager can ever have. I go about my business, man. I know the rules.

"That's why you never heard anybody say, 'Papi was late, Papi was doing this or that.' I know the rules. Even if they're not in your face 24/7, you know they are there. I follow the rules."

Ortiz has been that way ever since he was a little kid in the Dominican Republic, he said.

"I never liked to look bad," he said. "I never liked my parents having to discipline me. And if you don't like that, the only thing you can do is try and do the right thing."

Ortiz has played for three managers in his 10 seasons with the Red Sox: Grady Little, Terry Francona and Valentine. Asked to speculate on Valentine's successor, Ortiz said: "That's up to them, what they feel about bringing in. I never had problems with Grady, never had problems with Tito. Even with Bobby, I never had -- Bobby would come and ask me questions, I'd ask him questions, tell him what's on my mind.

"I don't have much to say about managers. To me, my job whoever is the manager, I try to let him know I've got his back and hopefully he's got mine. That's it. I know what to do, and if there's anything wrong that I'm doing, let me know. I'm an employee here. Sometimes you're doing things that you don't know you're doing it wrong, but that hasn't been my case."