David Ortiz isn't naming names. But he is talking rotten apples.

As the slugging DH looks back at the 2012 season, he wonders if the Red Sox were doomed from the start, so broken and dysfunctional were they after the debacle in 2011.

And as many of us point the finger at fired manager Bobby Valentine for the travails of this season, Ortiz isn't willing to go there.

He recently said he believes the problems run much, much deeper.

"I don't feel like blaming Bobby for how things went down," said Ortiz, who consistently avoided the managerial politics that engulfed many of his teammates. "He walked into a situation that it wasn't like we were in the best situation. We weren't in the best shape ever. He walked in trying to fix things up, and things didn't get better, but it was like that already.

"So me, personally, I think if you're going to get a bag of apples, you can't just get one bad one out. Some of them that were infected by the one bad one, you can't just leave them right there. Because they're going to continue being the same. They're going to continue being the same bad things with the rest of them that are still good.

"If you want to make the whole bag better, you've got to take all those apples out and make sure no one in there is infected and then you can do things. I'm not saying there are any bad apples here, but we work as a group and Bobby as our manager, he made a decision, but it's not only about him making the decision. As a player, you've got to execute, too, and we didn't do that."