The worst thing for David Moyes in watching his Manchester United players surrender at Goodison Park was that they would have known how much he wanted to win this game.

Perhaps that is why they did so little to deliver for a manager who the majority of them clearly no longer have the stomach or desire to play for.

In a season that has produced more tipping points than a council dump, this one feels the most perilous for Moyes. Now it appears as though it is now a case of when, rather than if, his disastrous tenure comes to an end.

For personal reasons, it meant everything to Moyes to return to Everton and emerge with his head held high, having silenced the boos, jeers and mocking chants that had greeted him from the moment he emerged from the team bus.

Yet on a day when their manager was so desperate to succeed United’s players produced the most half-hearted and uninterested performance that has shamed the red shirts for 30 years.