With Golden State's game against the Trail Blazers tied 47-47 at halftime, Warriors coach Keith Smart was meeting with his coaches in the visitors' locker room at the Rose Garden when he heard his players talking.

"We heard through the door, the players were talking about what they wanted to do," Smart said. "David Lee spoke up and said he wanted to guard (LaMarcus) Aldridge by himself."

It was exactly the kind of initiative and leadership Smart has been wanting out of his top players, and the move worked well. The Warriors burst out the locker room and took control the game in the third quarter, leading to a 108-87 victory over the playoff-bound Blazers.

Aldridge, Portland's leading scorer, only had nine points at halftime, but the Warriors' defensive focus on him opened up passes to shooters and cutters, and he had four assists in the first half. Lee stepped up and took on the challenge.

"I just thought they're such a good cutting team, in the first half we were not doubling, but we were helping a lot from the baseline," Lee said. "They got a few easy layups, and I just said at halftime, I want to guard him head-up, and if he hits a couple, then we can always adjust. I just tried to do my best. He's a very good player. We were able to pull away in the second half doing that."

Aldridge finished with 17 points and 12 rebounds, but was not much of an offensive presence in the second half, when he did not have another assist.

Lee, meanwhile, had a dominant performance with 29 points and 20 rebounds. Monta Ellis added 30 points and Stephen Curry 28 as the three players considered a possible foundation for a future playoff contender matched the Blazers entire team with 87 points.

Ellis scored 13 points in the third quarter, when the Warriors made 12 of their first 13 shots and outscored Portland 37-21 to take control of the game.

"We just really took what the defense gave us," Ellis said. "Our shots were going down. Made a lot of tough shots, made a lot of big shots. Tonight was just our night, and we never took our foot off the pedal."