Why is David Diehl still a member of the New York Giants? As we get closer and closer to the beginning of free agency on March 12, fans have constantly been asking that question.

The Giants still need salary cap space, the 10-year veteran offensive lineman is entering the final year of his contract, and releasing him would save the Giants his $4.475 million base salary against the cap.

On top of all of that, Giants' fans love to go on and on about how awful Diehl is. About how he really can't play no matter what position he plays on the line. About how his Pro Football Focus scores are almost always horrific.

Diehl might yet get released before free agency starts, or at least have his contract restructured to give the Giants some cap relief.

Thing is, like it or not there is a legitimate reason why the Giants could want to keep the 32-year-old around. You can sum that argument up in one word -- versatility.

During his career Diehl has started a significant number of games at every position on the offensive line except center. Argue all you want about his effectiveness, or lack thereof, at any of those positions. Where else, though, are the Giants going to find a lineman able -- and willing -- to shuffle to any position on the line at any time with little or no notice. Especially one who already has familiarity with the offense and the linemen he would be working with? Nowhere. That versatility and unselfishness makes an impression on a coaching staff and general manager.

The Giants have question marks all across their line right now.