Perhaps more than any other during his five seasons with the Broncos, David Bruton is getting a serious look at starting safety.

“I appreciate it but I don’t take things for granted,’’ said Bruton, a special teamer by trader. “I feel like I at least earned a chance to go out there and roll with the 1s show what I can do.’’
Bruton has been rotating with both Rahim Moore and Mike Adams at safety while newcomer Quentin Jammer observes and Quinton Carter rehabs.

“David’s one of our best communicators as far as putting guys in the right place,’’ said Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. “He’s strong with calls. Big and fast. His deal is to remain athletic throughout the down. That’s one of the things we’re working on. We all have something to work on. He’s been a pleasant surprise this spring.’’

Jammer mixes in a rep here and there but otherwise observes while assistant secondary coach Sam Garnes stands beside him explaining what he’s watching.
“He’s behind in terms of installation but we’ll continue to get him involved,’’ Del Rio said.