For his vacation this offseason, Nationals Manager Davey Johnson and his wife Susan took a 15-day tour in Africa this month. They visited South Africa, enjoyed Cape Town, went on a safari tour in Kruger National Park, admired Victoria Falls, saw seals and baboons, spent three days in wine country. "There's great fishing down there," he said.

While on his tour, the Nationals and Adam LaRoche ended their stalemate negotiations and reached a deal, a move Johnson had been lobbying LaRoche to make all winter. And this week, the Nationals made a stunning addition to their bullpen, signing free agent reliever Rafael Soriano to be their closer. A day later, they traded popular slugger Michael Morse to Seattle for prospects.

Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, Johnson received news of the Soriano signing in the form of an e-mail from General Manager Mike Rizzo. Johnson's initial reaction?