Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings has filed a lawsuit against an Oak Park man for allegedly using his name and likeness on hockey memorabilia without permission, according to a Detroit News story.

Datsyuk is suing Terrance Sullivan, alleging that he has been selling jerseys and other clothing items that bear Datsyuk's likeness since at least 2012. The items reportedly bear Datsyuk's nickname "Pasha" as well as his jersey number, 13.

"Pavel Datsyuk is more focused right now on playing hockey this season and bringing the Stanley Cup back to Detroit," Datsyuk's attorney, Mahesh Nayak, said in the News story. "But this is serious and we have to put a stop to it. This is confusing to his fans and damaging to him personally."

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in Oakland Circuit Judge Martha D. Anderson's court room.

Datsyuk is seeking damages for violations of his right to publicity, the News reported.