To many in the Reds clubhouse, Brandon Phillips seemed like a different guy the moment he arrived for spring training.

Manager Dusty Baker, the coaches and players started seeing proof that Phillips was indeed a different guy. The second baseman's play has earned him a spot on the National League's All-Star roster for the second consecutive year in today's game.

But this All-Star season is different than 2010 for the 30-year-old Phillips. It is his off-the-field maturity that makes those in the organization view him as evolving into a complete player.

"He's matured big-time," Baker said.

So far this season, Phillips has shown no signs of the player who would occasionally jog to first base and subsequently get benched. He has held his tongue at times that the old Phillips might have publically lashed out through the media when criticized. He has engaged his teammates in the clubhouse rather than alienate himself. All are signs of a team-first player.

"He's become a professional," catcher Ramon Hernandez said.

Phillips' transformation has been revealed behind closed doors, where true character often is shown. For example, while in the clubhouse early this season, first base coach Billy Hatcher said he listened as Phillips encouraged a struggling teammate.

"Brandon pulled him aside and said, 'We as a team have got your back. And even if the team doesn't have your back, I've got your back,' " Hatcher recalled. "Brandon used to put himself first, but right there, I knew Brandon was putting the team first."