Yorvit Torrealba, still sleep-deprived after the birth of his daughter last week, made an alert decision before the Texas Rangers took the field for the first time Saturday.

The catcher told his battery mate, Yu Darvish, that it was the second inning, with the goal of putting the right-hander into the mindset he has taken into all other innings this season except the first.

His ERA in the first inning was 6.88 entering Saturday. It was 3.42 over the other eight.

Darvish, apparently, bought in.

He registered a perfect first frame and showed early that he could command his fastball. The zero came after he had been handed an early lead, and it gave Rangers hitters a chance to quickly strike for more.

They did, en route to their highest run total since late June as the Rangers powered their way to a 9-2 victory over Los Angeles.

Mike Napoli hit home runs in his first two at-bats, and the Rangers went deep five times as Darvish registered his first win in nearly a month.

But the tone was set by Darvish early on.

"The first inning the last couple outings was kind of hard," Torrealba said. "So, right before the game started, I said, 'Hey, the first inning's over. We're going to start from the second inning.' That's the mentality I want him to have."