Every team has "that guy".

You know the one: the guy that, for whatever reason, makes the team better. I'm not talking about the mega-skilled player like Pavel Datsyuk or Henrik Zetterberg. This doesn't count the starting goalie who clearly is important to a team's success.

The type of player I'm describing is one who, at first glance, wouldn't appear to be a crucial member of the team. He doesn't have the most talent, his stats aren't anything that would blow you away, and his pedigree prior to joining the team doesn't indicate that this guy would ever be anything more than a depth player.

Yet, there are certain players who, for one reason or another, just make a team look better. There may not be a ton of stats to back up your idea, but it's something you just can't shake. When that player is in the lineup, your spirits raise, your confidence soars, and you watch a game with more of a feeling that the team will win.

On the Red Wings, that player is Darren Helm. The speedy center became a fan favorite during the 2008 playoffs as a surprise addition to a Cup-winning team, and with each passing season he has endeared himself further to fans.

There are certain things we know about Helm. He's a ridiculously fast skater; he's a ferocious penalty killer; and he'll forever be known as the guy who scored the OT winner against Chicago that sent the Wings to the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.

However, a look at his stats page looks like what you'd expect from a checking-line center: his career-best season offensively was 2010-11 when he scored 12 goals and added 20 assists. He's generally been a plus player in his career, and he doesn't take a lot of penalties. During his tenure as a full-time player, the Wings have never finished higher than 10th in overall PK%.