Darrelle Revis who is trying to get back on the field in time for the regular-season opener against his former team the New York Jets already has his game face on as he tries to return from knee surgery and reclaim his spot as the league's best cornerback.

How will you know if you're the same player that you were before he was asked.

"I don't have to prove nothing to nobody" Revis told USA TODAY Sports. "I put my game on film and people can see the results."

Don't you at least have to prove something to Richard Sherman?

Revis laughs.

While Revis was rehabbing his knee Sherman the Seattle Seahawks all-pro defender declared (loudly) that he was now the NFL's best cornerback.

The two had a Twitter spat in February shortly after Sherman took to the streets of New Orleans during Super Bowl week to promote his theory — and diss Revis — for a cable network segment.