Of course it is the owner who has final say on whether to pay his star player, whether to make him a $100 Million Man, or something close. So Darrelle Revis is right on the money when he says, “It starts from the top. It starts with Woody Johnson.”

Revis can choose to believe Woody Johnson is cheaper than Fred Wilpon — until he puts his money where his mouth is — if he likes. But going public on NFL Network firing the cheap shot at Johnson and challenging the owner to empty The Bank of Florham Park is hardly the way to convince him to make you a Jet For Life.

If that is what Revis truly desires.

He would have been better off remaining speechless if he does.

Andrea Kremer: “Do you feel that Woody Johnson doesn’t want to pay you to keep you on the team?”

Revis: “That might be a situation. That might be something. That might be an option.”

The conspiracist in me wonders whether Revis is either plotting an Escape From New York, or is now resigned to one.

Once his torn ACL is completely rehabilitated — and it won’t be too much longer, we have been told by the Revis side — there will be legitimate Super Bowl contending teams who will be salivating to trade for the best cornerback in the game and show him the money.