The trade speculation swirling around Darrelle Revis has taken us from the West Coast back to the East, settling most fervently on Tampa Bay’s sunlit shores. That Revis would be the topic of daily trade conversations is no surprise around the Jets: His seemingly inevitable departure was always going to cast a shadow over this volatile off-season.

But who knew Revis would still be a Jet while the rest of the roster crumbled around him? If the Jets’ sublime cornerback didn’t want out of Florham Park before, he has to be getting desperate now. Under the shadow of losing its last shining star, Rex Ryan’s once-vaunted defense is a shadow of its former AFC Championship-game self.

Football history has taught us repeatedly that titles aren’t won in March. Philadelphia’s dream team haul just two years ago netted nothing but a roster overhaul two years later. Miami’s current shopping spree is no guarantee of toppling the mighty Patriots or hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February.

But if playoff dreams can’t be fulfilled in March, they sure can die in March. And with a daily dose of departure leaving the Jets’ roster so thin it would struggle to field a team right now, the contentions by Ryan and his new boss, John Idzik, that the franchise is poised to break a two-year playoff-less skid ring nothing but hollow. Business was supposed to change when owner Woody Johnson fired Mike Tannenbaum, hired Idzik, and retained the lame-duck Ryan. Bluster and bravado were out; studiousness and wisdom in.