It seems that Beanie Wells wasn't the only one that needed a fresh start with a new coaching staff in Arizona. At the end of the season, many odd things occurred with long time Cardinals defensive tackle, Darnell Dockett. In the game against the Jets, Dockett refused to let the opposing offense score, much to the dismay of Coach Whisenhunt and teammate Kerry Rhodes.

Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic caught up with 9-0 and tried to clarify all of that, as well as asking him what he's most excited about in working with Bruce Arians, his new head coach.

Dockett told Bickley that if a new coach wasn't installed and if Whisenhunt would have stayed in place, he would have asked for a trade. It seems he was tired of playing out of position, tired of arguing with Whiz and most of all, tired of losing.

Under Arians, Dockett gets to return to a more natural position (whether that is a 4-3 formation or not hasn't been confirmed). He also gets a fresh start, much like Beanie Wells is so excited for.

"(Arians) told me he is going to put me in my regular position that I had been playing over the years, (when) I was a dominant force in the middle," Dockett told Bickley. "That got me fired up right away because I've been just looking for another opportunity to do what I do best, and that's go out and dominate games."