On Thursday Danny Trevathan teetered on the line between talent and poise. Talent no problem but poise was a tricky proposition.

Talent snared Joe Flacco's pass in the fourth quarter and started running. Talent motored 29 yards down the field.

That last yard though belonged to poise and in that Trevathan fell short.

The second-year outside linebacker from Kentucky was too eager to celebrate too eager to flip that ball somewhere anywhere once he crossed the goal line. Maybe common sense dictates he hold on to the ball — it should have been his first NFL touchdown after all — but common sense is out the window with poise when your team is up big on the reigning Super Bowl champions at home a yard away from rubbing last January's playoff loss in their sorry faces.

And so you maybe flip the ball and maybe too soon and maybe for no reason. Ladies and gentlemen meet Danny Trevathan.

After the blowout victory Trevathan was repentant. He didn't make excuses for what he called a "young mistake." Instead he made plans. Next time he's going to toss the ball to a fan he said with the assumption that said toss will take place long after he crosses the goal line. In his case plans are good. Plans mean he might do it again.