For the past couple years, many have wondered what the Indiana Pacers might look like if Danny Granger wasn't in the lineup. His game has stagnated since his all-star campaign in 2008-09, and he was blocking promising youngster Paul George from his natural position of small forward.

But now that we finally get to find out that Granger is out for three months with a left patella injury, I suspect it won't be pretty. Make no mistake: this is a huge loss for Indiana.

For all of Granger's shortcomings, he's vital to a Pacers' offense that lacks perimeter shot creators. Granger isn't the most efficient scorer, and he has a tendency to fire up contested perimeter shots when resetting the offense would be preferable. His true shooting percentage has fallen for four straight seasons, and he was only able to produce five free throws per 36 minutes last year. But his on/off court numbers simply don't lie.