Willie Amendola, the head football coach at Spring Dekaney High School and father of Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, is suing Cowboys Stadium for $1 million over an incident with a runaway golf cart after the 5A Division I state championship game in 2011.

Amendola’s Wildcats had just beaten Cibolo Steele for the state championship, and he was in the middle of the field conducting postgame interviews when a runaway cart sped into the group from behind Amendola. The coach was knocked into the cart and after attempting to control the cart for about 30 yards rolled off the cart into the turf field.

The cart took off after stadium workers picking up yardage markers and touchdown pylons accidentally wedged a pylon onto the accelerator. The cart sped away from the workers and made a beeline for Amendola and the gathered group of reporters, knocking several down in the collision.