This being the Patriots any talk about comparing new receiver Danny Amendola to the guy he replaced Wes Welker is squashed immediately.

“That’s not something I need to worry about” Amendola said this spring. “I’m worried about the playbook and getting the routes down and getting on the same page with my teammates.”

But it’s an obvious comparison given that Amendola is replacing Welker in the lineup and both are undersized overachieving slot receivers. Both went undrafted out of Texas Tech both bounced around the NFL before getting established and both signed five-year contracts to play in New England (Welker in 2007 Amendola this year).

If Amendola 27 really didn’t like the Welker comparisons he probably wouldn’t have signed with the Patriots to fill Welker’s role.

“It’s something that just . . . is” his father Willie Amendola said of the comparison. “Amendola and Welker get mentioned in the same sentence a bunch. I don’t know if he ever gets tired of it but you get used to it.”

Amendola technically in his sixth NFL season (he spent his rookie year on the Cowboys’ practice squad) has dealt with the comparison ever since he stepped foot on Texas Tech’s campus in 2004 right after Welker left for the NFL.

Amendola is a little taller (5 feet 11 inches compared with 5-9) but both are about 185 pounds are precise route runners and are fearless working the middle of the field. When former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach recruited Amendola out of The Woodlands (Texas) High he specifically did so to be Welker’s replacement.